Smoking is a persistent addiction. Not so much because the active ingredient nicotine is so addictive, but because the habit of smoking and the craving for a cigarette are deeply anchored in the subconscious mind. The “craving” in a cigarette is very similar to the “craving” to eat or drink something and that makes the addiction very recognizable to the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind therefore thinks that smoking is a necessity for survival and gives the instruction to smoke when it receives signals from the body that it is necessary. Tasks of the subconscious mind have to be carried out and so you have to smoke. The subconscious mind can be reprogrammed with the help of hypnotherapy.

How it all started

Everybody started to smoke for a reason, to be accepted by friends, to be with the in-crowd, to be cool, you might have thought that smoking was harmless and that you would not be addicted and maybe you did not feel the need for the cigarette in the beginning, but then you started to smoke more and more and at one point it started to become an addiction.

Your subconscious has no sense of time so all these benefits and positive emotions you had in the beginning when you started smoking are still very much alive and the bond it has with these positive emotions is as strong as when you first started to smoke. Maybe even more positive emotions are being attached to smoking when smoking on a break, with a cup of coffee, or after dinner, when one is in a good mood and satisfied. To see a cigarette as a “reward” after a job well done.

These positive attachments make it very hard, if not impossible to quit smoking, so these positive attachments must be changed and replaced in the subconscious during the hypnosis session by other, stronger emotions.

The reason to keep on smoking is different for everyone though, some people have hidden benefits that will keep them from quitting, like the fear of gaining weight when they stop, or the fear of getting frustrated and impossible to live with.

Research on the effectiveness of hypnotherapy for smoking cessation

study from the Massachusetts General Hospital on 67 smoking patients revealed that hypnotherapy worked a lot better than any other method to quit smoking, two times better than the “cold turkey” method with no help  and more than three times better than Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)


If you are really motivated to quit smoking there is a very big change the therapy will work. People that say, I do want to quit, but I actually really enjoy smoking and I like it are not ready for it. The wish to be done with it must be big, or maybe you did quit various times and started again.


The smoking cessation therapy is done in two sessions, in which the first session is more research than therapy and the second session being the one where the therapy is being delivered.FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedInPinterest

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