Tjeerd Geerts

Certified and Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist



Addictions are very integrated in human existence, we are literally addicted to air, water , food, going to the toilet and a few more basic

Weight Control

Millions of people on this planet are fighting with their weight, our modern way of live provides us easy access to fast foods with lost

Stress and Anxiety

Researchers studying the effects of hypnosis and anxiety validate that hypnosis is an effective technique to relieve stress, fear, and anxiety.

Unwanted Behaviour

Hypnotherapy can change the following unwanted behaviour like nail biting or anger or aggression

Fears & Fobias

Hypnotherapy can help you to get rid of fears or phobias, which can be quiet annoying or even start to control or dominate your life.


Hypnotherapy has proved to be a great help for people to have children.

Decide today how your life will be tomorrow!

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