Tjeerd Geerts

Certified and Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist


Addictions are very integrated in human existence, we are literally addicted to air, water , food, going to the toilet and a few more basic needs we need to keep on living. So for the brain and specially the subconscious it is very easy to confuse these basic things with other needs or cravings. The brain is releasing endorphins when you eat carbohydrates or sugar, a very old system working as a reward for getting the body the fuel it needs, but now, if you are addicted to a substance the body and the brain can confuse you with this old system and think your body needs this substance to survive. Like any addiction, the body is getting used to the state the substance provokes, but then needs the substance to get “back to normal” So in the end you might think that for example the nicotine relaxes you, but it is the absence of the substance that makes you nervous and you need the nicotine to make you normal again. So in the end, the cure is also the cause.

To get rid of any addiction there must be a great motivation for success, and the will to be free from the substance is absolutely necessary. In the session or sessions, we will also look for secondary benefits of the use and underlying causes or motives for the use. Many times, drug abuse or addictions are the result of another underlying problem that may be needed to take care of first and will increase the rate of success enormously.

In the end, the physical addiction is just a very small part of the problem, as the physical effects of the absence of any drug, nicotine included, will be gone within a few weeks to a month, the psychological effects can last for a very long time. Using hypnotherapy, you can get rid of the psychological cravings, so the need for the substance will be gone forever.

Examples of addictions that can be cured using hypnotherapy:
• Alcohol
• Smoking
• Gambling
• Sex
• Drugs

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