Tjeerd Geerts

Certified and Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist

Quit Smoking

A smoke-free life, for many a simple, daily reality, but also for many a dream that is difficult to achieve. Life without cigarettes, without smelly clothes, hands, curtains, without smelly ashtrays, without coughing, without shortness of breath, without a greatly increased risk of diseases and without the risk of premature death…..

It seems unattainable, the cigarette and the nicotine determine your life, you have completely lost control and you are too weak to say no…

Or not……

Surely you are the one who lights that cigarette every time?

So there’s a battle going on inside you against yourself, you want to stop, but there’s something holding you back.

What is that then?

It’s your subconscious.

Ever wondered where that craving for a cigarette comes from?

Your subconscious is completely convinced that you should smoke, smoking is linked in the subconscious to all kinds of positive emotions and when it gets a signal from your body it orders you to smoke a cigarette and you MUST obey.

How can I adjust my subconscious then?

With hypnosis.

By definitively convincing the subconscious during a hypnosis session that smoking is really not okay and by attaching a negative emotion to it that is greater than all positive emotions combined, your subconscious will no longer order you to smoke in the future.

Take back control of your life today!

Do not wait any longer.

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Do it for your loved ones, your environment, but above all, do it for yourself, for your health.

For a free life without that annoying dependency.

Do not wait any longer.

Take action.

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