Tjeerd Geerts

Certified and Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist

The Hypnotic State

The hypnotic state of mind is a completely natural phenomenon that occurs in each person several times a day. Often being referred to as “being absent” or “daydreaming” are typical signs of a person entering the hypnotic state or also called “a trance state”. Also, the moments before falling asleep or waking up are hypnotic states. In these states, the mind turns inward and feels calm, making the subconscious mind receptive to suggestions, either from oneself or from someone as a hypnotherapist. If there is a desire for change and the source and content of the suggestions will be trusted, the unconscious mind will accept the suggestion and the change will be applied. Keep in mind that the person receiving treatment must always have confidence that these changes are beneficial and for their own good in order to accept the suggestion. In the end, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. You can compare it to learning to drive a car with a driving instructor, you do not know how to drive the car but the driving instructor tells you what to do and the car will move and you will drive it in the direction that he indicates. you to. But if he tells you to do something that would be bad for you and you like to bump into a wall, you will deny the suggestion and you will not do it.

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